Thursday, June 14, 2012

AFreight Cargo

AFreight Cargo
304 Orchard Rd
03-19 Lucky Plaza

Extra Tall
Super Maxi
Mega Plus
New Midi
Quarter Plus
Gift Pack
Manila 115 100 95 75 50 30
Luz A 135 120 110 80 55 35
Luz B & C 145 130 120 85 65 40
Luz D & Vis 160 145 135 100 75 45
Min 170 155 145 105 80 50

AFreight Cargo

AFreight Cargo

AFreight Cargo


  1. Inquire ko lang po kung kelan po dadating sa pinas ung box ko sa taguig 3 weeks na po yn bukas

  2. Hii.may you please cek my box S141294..when actualy my box will be arrived in jakarta indonesia...thank you

  3. Hi.. can u check for the box refernce 463f sent by my sister last week of october2015 from singapore... its been 3 months already but we didnt receive it... you can send me a message or call me 09078283923

  4. Im quite disappointed of their serviced

  5. Im quite disappointed of their serviced

  6. Afreight service sucks!!!! WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!! I called their office on 22nd or 23rd Jan 2018 and scheduled a box pick up on 26th Jan 2018. I was instructed to call back on Friday 26/01/18 to confirm the time of pick up which i did. Agent France told me that the staff is at Punggol area and will pick it up soon so I have to standby. I asked for an estimated time but they said they cant give a timeline for me. In less than 5minutes after we spoke, the driver called and said that he is already at our door. I told the staff to hold on for a moment, I called my housemate to open the door for him and to my surprise, in less that a minute he hang up the call. I tried to call back the staff driver and he said immediately that he already left my house because he still have other pick ups to do. Would you imagine, in less than 3 minutes.... the driver already left and said that he cannot come back??!!! That’s ridiculous!! I would understand if I let him wait for 10mins or so but NO!!! Less than 3 minutes and this all happened!!! He asked me to call his ofc and set another appointment!!! Mind you, the staff driver was VERY RUDE!!! I believe he is a local... So I called up the main office and reported what happened... to my surprise, my fellow Filipino agent whom I spoke to was not helpful anough to settle the issue since the mistake was obviously their lack of communication. France and the other agent did not even bother to apologize, hence, was even sarcastic... Yes, this is my first time to have their service, and this was the experience they had given me. Shame on your service!!! The explanation was totally unacceptable!!!

  7. Kaylan po dating nung box ko po 3weeks na kasi po

  8. Hi,

    Good day.

    do you shipping Singapore to Bacolood?
    And how much is the price for Extra tall box

    Hope hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  9. he been their costumer for 10 years ! I mean they're actually the best ' the box prices the sizes, and their service is average, backs actually if their busy you can't get what you want ! Sometimes they are busy that they cannot make it on time I mean like if they give everyone what they ask I think it's too difficult for them so we must be patient we cannot say oh I want my box to be pick up by this time I want my box to be sent on this time! Dude were not just the only costumer . no one being rude during my service it's just that when they deliver boxes and pick up it's really be like you must be on time! and I remember when I they deliver my box and ask the man if he can collect anytime the next day and he said they have schedules to follow if I may call their office but he's so kind and help me talk to the staff and yea he collect it on time the next day! so I have no complained! I think we should be understanding and patient cos it's their job to give their service to others too and they're trying their best and were not the only costumer they have that they should stick to you for more than 10 minutes they can talk and service you in a fastest way cos they also have costumers waiting!

  10. Gaano katagal ang delivery ng box from singapore to laguna philippine


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