Thursday, December 17, 2015

A1 Cargo Services

A1 Cargo Services

304 Orchard Road
#03-55 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863

a1 cargo service

1. Medium (20x20x20) - S$80 (Mla), S$90 (Luzon A), S$95 (Luzon B), S$110 (Luz C), S$110 (Vis), S$110 (Min)
2. Large (20x20x30) -S$105 (Mla), S$115 (Luz A), S$120 (Luz B), S$130 (Luz C), S$130 (Vis), S$140 (Min)
3. XL (23x23x36) - S$110 (Mla), S$125 (Luz A), S$135 (Luz B), S$140 (Luz C), S$140 (Vis), S$150 (Min)
4. Upsize (23x23x42) - S$120 (Mla), S$135 (Luz A), S$140 (Luz B), S$150 (Luz C), S$150 (Vis), S$160 (Min)

Free Pick up and Delivery!
Call 62352929

Luzon A: Rizal/Cavite/Bulacan
Luzon C: Catanduanes/Masbate/Mindoro/Romblon/Aurora/Marinduque/City proper only


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